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This is a testimonial to say that my son, Joshua, year 2, found Isabelle Mergui's lessons very helpful in improving his maths.  He had 3 sessions with her, where she helped him understand basic addition and subtraction using matchsticks.  He found her way of teaching easy to follow and has now subsequently improved his maths at school, moved up to medium level.

Rachel NW11 23/06/15
In one year of tutoring, the progress of my daughter was amazing. When she started she was in year 5 and hated maths. Her marks were usually 25%. Now she has pleasure when doing maths and she is having 90% in year 6. The areas covered with her tutor Isabelle were diverse and are a solid foundation for good reasoning. It was not just repetition of the same 20 sums. There was a great work for the understanding of concepts behind the formal school maths.

Adrienne NW11
To Whom it may concern,
Isabelle Mergui taught my daughter for the best part of 6 months. She was having trouble grasping the basics in maths and we were concerned this would be overlooked at school. My daughter was extremely difficult as would never sit down for more than 5 minutes and we had trouble doing any homework with her, Isabelle connected with her immediately and managed to sit her down for a whole 45 mins. My daughter looked forward to Isabelle coming each week. This I found amazing because she usually isn't interested in doing any kind of studies, but some times she would jump for joy on her arrival. Eventually my daughter's mind opened up and something just clicked and we believe this is thanks to Isabelle. She is now thriving at school. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Isabelle enough as she engages with children while making them think they are having fun!

Mrs N Lisbona NW1
We would like to express our gratitude and our satisfaction as parents with regard to the excellent work Isabelle Causse Mergui has been doing with Anastasie during this year .Our daughter was discouraged and under performed in maths and Isabelle has managed to raise her interest . In this way Anastasie has discovered fun studying maths with her .
She made big progress and became confident and is now looking forward to broadening her skills in maths .
We realise that these courses were a real asset for Anastasie.
P et L Eckert 23/06/15